COVID 19 Newsletter

COVID 19 Newsletter

Keeping in touch

Sue, Chris & I keep in touch via emails fairly often & I’m in touch with you all by email.

However………We can’t meet up and have a natter like we do at Coffee Mornings……but we can do some

Copes Calling!

I’m sure you have contact details of your friends at COPES, but do get in touch with each other during this time of isolation. If you would like to have a chat with any of our COPES members, or ex-members, like Sally, let me know. I’ll see what I can do……


  • Email me
  • Text me
  • Contact me via Facebook COPES Essex Gynae Cancer Support or
  • Twitter @COPES19952078


I had an email from Kayley in the hospital fundraising department and she was saying that the hospital is a very different place these days…so many of the wonderful staff are working flat out and at their limits. The hospitals (Southend, Basildon and Broomfield) have set up a special fundraising Just Giving page. This is to raise funds to support the amazing staff at this difficult time.

It’s set up to do things like

  • Care packages for snacks and toiletries for teams as they work in their care for patients.
  • Alternative transport for staff (taxi or minibus) for staff after long shifts.
  • Fully equipped rest areas for staff to take a break during periods of intense work. and to ensure they are not too tired to drive home.
  • Care packages, dignity clothing, puzzles and colouring books for patients.

They have all the PPE equipment and ventilators are being procured and are distributed centrally. This appeal is for the extra care for staff. I’m sure we’d like to show how much we support them at this difficult time for them all.


MSE charity will make sure that items of greatest need are purchased and safely distributed. In the meantime, the hospital staff ask that you stay safe, stay at home and follow all the guidelines.

If you have any questions, contact Kayley Donovan on 01802 435555 ext 6401


If you wish to get in touch about anything else, Sue or I are easily reached via the website


Hope you’re all feeling OK at the moment, Stay Safe.

We’ll be back having a giant, happy

Coffee Morning celebration……. sooooon!