How Donations
Are Spent

How Donations are Spent 2023-07-19T07:50:07+00:00

COPES has a fundraising committee that meet regularly through the year to decide how money should be spent and organise fundraising events.

The fundraising committee members’ are:

  • A CNS team member on a rota basis (Liz Lawrence, Rachel Keenan, Katie Mahy, Alison Miller, Louise Piper, Sheila Smoothy)
  • Wendy Davies (chair)
  • David Prior
  • Khalil Razvi (Gynae oncology consultant)
  • Chris Roostan (vice chair)
  • Sue Soper (secretary)

Listed below are the projects and essential equipment that has been funded by COPES.

Aims of COPES


  • Diagnostic centre in Women’s clinic
  • Bladder scanner
  • Dysis machine
  • Electric bed for Gynaecology Oncology ward
  • Blood pressure machine
  • Plasma jet probes – to assist and improve surgery
  • Bathroom refurbishment on Gynaecology ward
  • Hysteroscopy chair
  • Complimentary therapies at support group
  • Complimentary therapies at patients’ homes
  • Theatre trips for support group
  • CNS time: to manage group
  • Funding a laptop computer for the CNS team to record investigations and treatments
  • Creating and Refurbishing and creating a Tranquillity Room for consultations and delivering the results of investigations
  • Funding a Venezia Applicator for the treatment of cervical cancer in the Brachytherapy Dept.
  • Funding a Health and Wellbeing Day for women with Gynae Cancers
  • Part-funding a lunch and talk on the important role of food in cancer recovery by John Lawson, at his restaurant Food by John Lawson.
  • Inspection Couch for the Women’s Clinic
  • Finding of a Mindfulness Morning Seminar in a local hotel


  • Local GP audit into diagnosis/awareness of ovarian cancer
  • Nurse led follow up
  • Patient satisfaction survey


  • Survivorship days for patients
  • Fund secondment to Royal Marsden Hospital – Long term effects clinic
  • Staff attendance at Study day
  • Displays and awareness raising discussion with GPs (Education Centre)
  • Displays and Awareness Raising with hospital staff (Education Centre)


  • Producing COPES pins / Posters / Cards
  • Articles in Southend Hospital Charity Fundraising News
  • Website design & update
  • Visits from and links to representatives of the major gynaecological cancer charities
  • Bi-annual awareness raising days in the hospital foyer’s Fundraising Unit
  • Health and Wellbeing Day for patients