Newsletter July 2020

COPES July NEWS 2020

We hope you’re all still doing OK. Our thoughts are with our members who are having a tough time of things at the moment. As you may well have guessed, we still have no idea when we’ll be able to resume our meetings and enjoy that promised great get-back-together Coffee Morning. We’re in regular contact with staff from the hospital and we’ll give you timely notice of when we can safely meet up again. We’re so looking forward to seeing you, friends old and new, also to welcoming our four new members, as soon as possible. However, we, and the hospital staff, are aware that many of our members are possibly still vulnerable and you may rest assured that we wouldn’t do anything that would endanger your on-going care. This is the prime concern of us all, the hospital staff and the COPES member volunteer committee.

We may have to wait a little while longer yet.

We also missed seeing Donna and her beautiful Impressions Accessories stall, which was scheduled for last month’s coffee morning. Do have a look at her Facebook page. It’s

It’s well worth a look. I’ve been wearing a lovely cool sun top I bought from Donna last summer, during this hot weather. It’s been really useful. If you order anything, do mention COPES so that Donna knows who you are.

Sue has suggested setting up a Zoom link for her, Chris and I to ‘meet up’ on our laptops and ipads, to have a chat. We’ll give it a try out to see if and how it works. It may be good, later on, to have a virtual coffee morning for those of you who want to swap news. I must admit, it would all be new to me, so I’m not sure how it’ll go. Sue is more experienced, through her family Zoom exploits and Chris has had a Zoom meeting too. I’m still a complete technophobe about video links. We’re always exploring new ways of connecting.


As far as the COPES committee is concerned, we are always eager to do what you, the members, wish. If ever you have any ideas or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you. At the moment, as well as doing this newsletter, I’m working on the Finance and Spending Plans. When they’ve been adopted at the next (virtual) committee meeting, I’ll attach copies to the newsletter. We have yearly spending plans and long term (3-year) plans, both up for renewal. All of these are reviewed so you can see what we’ve achieved. I’m wondering if any members or staff have ideas for what we could include in future Newsletters or future Spending Plans. Do let me know. Wendy